We were recently absolutely delighted to welcome the lovely 保罗 Rosenmöller, the Dutch TV Presenter at LSI for an intensive English course here.  A man with such an interesting and busy life, he was kind enough to take time out to let us interview him.


安德鲁: 你已经在这里住了半个月,但究竟是什么决定的过程,把你带到这里?

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安德鲁: 为什么?
保罗: Someone told me that following a course and stay in a host family in England is the most effective way to make the improvement. If you stay at home you are always disturbed with emails etc., but I wanted to give priority to the language.
保罗:当我开始寻找在互联网上的课程,有一个巨大的各种可能性,所以我应该去的人通过推荐 研究旅游!我从来没有听说过他们,所以叫我的秘书 研究 旅行 几个谁给我的选择,他们中的一个在LSI他们的伦敦之一。他们在LSI方面关于使用的良好匹配与寄宿家庭的品质和老师也都非常积极。
安德鲁: 你是怎么做到这一点?这是在手机上接受采访?
保罗: It was all by phone, all in Dutch, about my requirements not my level.  I was thinking about London. London is the place to be, visit museums etc, but then I started to realise it’s about my language.  If you really want to be successful, if you really want to give priority to the language, the city itself is not the most important thing, so I decided on LSI because of the combination of the reputation of the institute and the option of having a good match with the host family.
安德鲁: 这样的事情是什么类型没有你acerca他们问,你的目标,什么类型的课程,寄宿家庭是什么类型的?
保罗:是的这是非常专业的,所以 埃里卡研究 旅行 asked me several questions. Because I am more or less well known in the Netherlands it is not difficult to explain who I am. It was important to explain what I wanted to achieve and what my goals were, and it was important, the match with the host family. She gave me good advice and suggested a host family that were a retired couple who were interested in all kinds of social, global and international things.
安德鲁: 埃里卡没有得到它适合你?
保罗: Without any doubt, she got it right. Now I am nearly at the end of the course, I have to say I’m tired, I’ve worked hard, but I’ve made some progress as well in terms of vocabulary, and confidence. You start thinking in English, which is important. With the course we started at 8:00 in the morning. It is intensive, then it’s conversation with the homestay, then homework. The days are long and intensive but the focus is the language and that is the most important thing.
安德鲁: 你把超密集课程25小时,外加一个额外5小时,执行的午餐,你有一个寄宿家庭,你当你这样做的社会计划讲英语。该课程是过于密集,会你有一天5小时首选?
安德鲁: 外面工作,你是一个热衷于运动和保持身体健康?但没有这么多的运动,本周是平衡吗?
安德鲁: 什么样的城市是朴茨茅斯?是你的预期?
保罗: I visited the old town in the first week in the evening and the shopping mall, close to the ships; I walked around a little and got the impression of the place close to the harbour and the sea.  Honestly speaking I can’t give a very detailed description about 朴茨茅斯, but this is a city that is easy to survive here, there are nice restaurants, nice shops, the location of this institute is close to the centre. In the end I am glad I decided to come here instead of London.
安德鲁: 我们试图personalisé方案,以满足您的特定需求,我你觉得我们得到了它吧?
保罗: Definitely, I think LSI did a perfect job, the programme was personalised. The programme touched on different issues related to education and subjects I brought up.  There was a huge variety of subjects we discussed, there was the focus on presentations, debates, negotiations, sharing meetings, these things are important in my work, not that often in a foreign language, but a good way to make further improvement and so it was definitely personalised, different teachers with a different perspective.
安德鲁: 你宁愿将要在像一些这里的其他学生的一小群?
安德鲁: 你的第一个早晨,你被读你的目标采访。我们不只是训练,但英语语言技能和信心和流畅度等。什么是你的主要目标当你开始,你怎么觉得现在准备呢?
保罗: My two key objectives were to first gain confidence, because I always had the feeling that my English wasn’t good enough, confidence is essential to make sure you make further improvements.  Secondly, was the fluency, and thirdly, to broaden my vocabulary.
安德鲁:  你怎么现在感觉?
保罗:最重要的是信心,我有想法,我可以在一定的水平说话。你把它先进的;有时候我有我的怀疑一下。 (安德鲁和苏:“相信我们是”) One of the teachers showed me something, which was good for self confidence; I gave a presentation, he counted the pauses and the errors, he said “during 6 minutes you made ‘slips / mistakes “so in terms of pauses and fluency it was 99% correct 😉
安德鲁: 你现在感觉更自信,听力和英语口语自然多。
安德鲁: 什么是朴茨茅斯的最好的记忆?
保罗: Depends on your level but my experience is if you really think you have a problem with confidence, go there. They can help you.  It’s really a major advantage to go to a country where they speak the language. It is the lessons at the institute, the conversation at home, the conversation with the students, watching the news in English.  I would definitely recommend doing it the way I did, I can also recommend your institute because I am very satisfied.
安德鲁: 你会推荐给荷兰未来的学生关于他们的选择,他们走到哪里,当然是什么类型的?
保罗我会说像我这样,去推荐类似的组织好学校 研究旅行, 凭借良好的信誉。无论是忘掉它是一个很好的城市,去的语言,优先使用的语言。我永远不会忘记LSI,或寄宿家庭在城市。
安德鲁保罗,它已经这么高兴你来这里学习,非常感谢您在这里跟我们说话,并让我们把它打印出来 - 现在我们希望能得到很多很多的学生对ESTA的反馈信息,我们是令人难以置信的感谢给你。
保罗 Rosenmöller is a Dutch television presenter and former politician and trade unionist. Between 1989 and 2003, he was member of the Dutch House of Representatives for GroenLinks. After leaving politics, Rosenmöller became a TV presenter for the IKON, an oecumenical broadcasting organisation. He also chairs PAVEM, a government advisory committee on the position of migrant women, in which Princess Máxima has a seat.  He is married and has 5 children.