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          LSI Level (CEF*) Can do IELTS Level Cambridge Exam
          Advanced (C2) Understand native speakers extremely well
          Communicate ideas and opinions with considerable clarity
          7.5 – 9 CPE
          Certificate of Proficiency in English
          Pre-Advanced (C1) Understand familiar registers of spoken English even at sustained levels of discourse

          Communicate on a wide range of subjects effectively

          6.5 – 7 CAE
          Certificate of Advanced English
          Upper-Intermediate (B2) Understand native speakers in stock or job-related situations
          Communicate adequately in a range of situations
          5.5 – 6 FCE
          First Certificate in English
          Intermediate (B1-B2) Understand familiar and simple texts competently
          Can communicate adequately in most everyday situations
          4.5 – 5
          Lower-Intermediate (B1) Understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters
          Sustain dialogues on topics which are familiar or of personal interest
          Understand basic notices, instructions or information
          4 – 4.5
          Elementary (A1-A2) Interact in a simple way an describe in simple terms aspects of his/her background 3 – 3.5
          Beginner (A1) Initially a non-user of English, working towards being able to understand and use correctly simple words or stock phrases 2

          *Common European Framework

          Progress – on average, students tend to complete an LSI level (e.g intermediate) approximately every 12 weeks.

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